Gustavo Díaz Sosa

1983 born in Sagua la Grande (CU)
1998-2002 Studied at the National Academy of Fine Arts »San Alejandro«, Havana (CU)
2002 Graduated with Honor Title (»Gold Title«) at the National Academy of Fine Arts »San Alejandro«, Havana (CU)
2003 Cuban Art Prize, 1. Landscape Biennale Havana (CU)
2004 Artistic Residency Scholarship, San Sebastián (ES)
Other studies in lithography, engraving, photography, screen printing, video editing and stop motion (animation films)
Prize in the Competition for Young Painters IX., Gaceta Regional de Salamanca Foundation (ES)
First prize in the First National Painting Competition Villa de Torralba, Ciudad Real (ES)
First prize in the National Painting Competition XXII. City Daimiel, Ciudad Real (ES)
2004-2008 ARTELEKU Residence Scholarship, Donostia-San Sebastian (ES)
2005 First Prize at the First Biennial of Painting Torres Garcia, Barcelona (ES)
XXIII. International Competition Prize Eugenio Hermoso, Badajoz (ES)
2006 BRAND Mention Award 2006 (ES)
2010 GO Award, Caixa Penedes Anquins and Gallery (ES)
Prize Painting Large Format Army 2010 (ES)
lives and works in Madrid

Solo Exhibitions (Selection)

2022 Kunstverein Ludwigsburg (D)
2021 Galerie Robert Drees (with Samuel Salcedo), Hannover
2020 Kunstverein Bad Salzdetfurth (D)
2019 Galerie BAT-Alberto Cornejo, Madrid
2018 Galerie Robert Drees (with Matthäus Thoma), Hannover
2017 Galerie Victor Lope, Barcelona
2016 Galerie BAT-Alberto Cornejo, Madrid
2015 Galerie Robert Drees, Hannover
Honfleur Gallery & Anacostia Art Center, Washington D.C. (USA)
Galerie Victor Lope, Barcelona
2014 Galerie BAT-Alberto Cornejo, Madrid
Galerie Espai D´Art 32, Mallorca (ES)
2013 Galerie Victor Lope, Barcelona
2012 Galerie Alba Cabrera, Valencia
Galerie BAT – Alberto Cornejo, Madrid
2011 Honfleur Gallery, Washington D.C. (USA)
Spazio 6, Verona (IT)
Gallery El reino de este mundo, Havana (CU)
Gallerie Tarragona (ES)
Galerie Concha de Nazelle, Toulouse (FR)
Art Forum of Vilafranca, Penedes, Sponsor Caixa Penedes (ES)
2010 Galerie Alba Cabrera, Valencia
Living Arts and Science Teknon, Barcelona
2009 Arteko Gallery, Donostia-San Sebastian (ES)
Cultural Center of the Institut Cervantes of Toulouse (FR)
2008 Xanon Gallery, Bilbao (ES)
Galerie Concha de Nazelle, Toulouse (FR)
2007 Angel Romero Gallery, Madrid
2006 Arteko Gallery, Donostia-San Sebastian (ES)
Sala Luis Garay, Hall of Plastic Arts of the University of Murcia (ES)
2004 »PEACE IN BLACK AND WHITE«, Intervention in public space, Havana (CU)
Arteko Gallery, Donostia-San Sebastian (ES)
2003 Gallery Ravenet Sunday, VIII. Biennale Havana (CU)
2000 Sala Covarrubias, National Theater of Cuba, Havana (CU)
Primo Liceo Artistico State of Turin (IT)

Group Exhibitions (Selection)

2021 Kunstverein Bad Salzdetfurth e.V.
2020 Galerie Robert Drees, Hannover
2019 Galerie Victor Lope, Barcelona
Galerie Robert Drees, Hannover
2018 Galeria Iturria, Cadaqués (ES)
Galerie Robert Drees, Hannover
2017 Galerie Victor Lope, Barcelona
Galerie BAT-Alberto Cornejo, Madrid
2015 Kunstverein Bad Salzdetfurth (D)
2013 Galerie Robert Drees, Hannover
Galerie Alicia Winters, Arnhem (NL)
Galerie Alba Cabrera, Valencia
2012 Gallery 27, London
Anquin’s Gallery, Reus (ES)
2010 International Künstler Symposium, Colony Izlake-Zagorje, (SI)
Anquin’s Gallery, Reus (ES)
2009 Anquin’s Gallery, Reus (ES)
Gallery FORUM SUR, Arteko (ES)
2008 Angel Romero Gallery, Madrid
Annta Gallery Artists, Madrid
2007 Torres García Association, Barcelona
2006 Cultural Center Eibar, Gipuzkoa (ES)
2005 Fine Arts Hall University of Murcia (ES)
Caixa Laietana Foundation, Barcelona
International Eugenio Hermoso, Badajoz (ES)
2004 Gaceta Regional Foundation de Salamanca, Salamanca (ES)