Group exhibition – »invited by // part two«

»invited by // part two«
Group exhibition

On November 23, 2019, we will be presenting »invited by // part two«, the second part of the exhibition celebrating the 20th anniversary of the opening of the Galerie Robert Drees at Weidendamm 15 in the Lower Saxon state capital.

Surprising constellations have again come together in this next part of the exhibition project, which also includes artists with close familiar ties, for example Julia Mangold, who invited her father, the documentary photographer Guido Mangold to take part in the show. The photographs by the student of Otto Steinert as well as the perpetual discussions about art in the Mangold family in Munich had a sustainable influence on the work of the younger artist, who now lives and works in the United States and has become known for her reduced pigment and steel pieces.

A familiar family connection also links the Berlin-based artist Sabine Dehnel with her guest artist. She will be showing objects and wall pieces in one of the gallery’s spaces together with her husband, the designer Andreas Berlin.

Pairs of artists will also be represented whose fascination for each other’s works proceeds from artistic considerations, for example the photographer Nicole Ahland from Wiesbaden and the Cologne painter Markus Fräger. The works of these two artists in different mediums are characterized by their dealings with light and shade.

Michael Laube and Franziska Reinbothe likewise make up a constellation founded on the similar ideas and aspects of paintings they employ in the production of their own artworks. The Berlin-based Laube makes use of a material that is unconventional in painting, namely acrylic glass, while the Leipzig-based Reinbothe reworks his abstract canvas pieces into three-dimensional objects.

The artists Gustavo Díaz Sosa and Gregor Gaida are likewise linked by contentual aspects in their works. The Cuban draftsman and painter as well as the Bremen-based sculptor combine abstraction and figuration, Apocalypse and Genesis, defragmentation and destruction in their works.

Artistic neighbors are again juxtaposed to in this new edition of the exhibition, for example the Hannover-based Thomas Dillmann and Raimund Zakowski, who both reference the photographer Heinrich Riebesehl in their works.

The artist collective Patrick Morrissey & Hanz Hancock from London were invited by their British colleague and longtime friend Eric Butcher. Taken together, the three artists present works from the fields of abstract and concrete painting.

The two Berlin-based artists Christian Pilz and Tine Benz are linked by ten years of friendship. The master student of Leiko Ikemura presents delicately drawn works on paper alongside boldly colored canvases by the master student of Georg Baselitz.

The artist colleagues Wolfram Ullrich from Germany and Mikael Fagerlund from Sweden have known each other from diverse exhibition participations for about ten years. One of the first encounters between the two artists took place at the Fondation Vasarely in France where they showed abstract and seemingly illusionistic works.

The rubbish bag tableaus in the style of Pop and Pop culture by the Munich artist Torsten Mühlbach will be on show in the exhibition at the invitation of the likewise Munich-based artists Julia Venske and Gregor Spänle. At »invited by // part two«, the artist duo will be exhibiting one of their amorphic works made from a material that is unusual for the two sculptors – black granite.

Look forward to a diverse group exhibition that opens up fascinating and thrilling encounters in which the artists of the gallery are integrated into new contexts.

Guest artists // Gallery artists
Nicole Ahland // Markus Fräger
Andreas Berlin // Sabine Dehnel
Gregor Gaida // Gustavo Díaz Sosa
Guido Mangold // Julia Mangold
Patrick Morrissey & Hanz Hancock // Eric Butcher
Torsten Mühlbach // Venske & Spänle
Christian Pilz // Tine Benz
Franziska Reinbothe // Michael Laube
Wolfram Ullrich // Mikael Fagerlund
Raimund Zakowski // Thomas Dillmann

Saturday, November 23, 2019 from 11 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Opening remarks:
The introduction to the exhibition will be held by Robert Drees and Christin Müller at 12.30 p.m.

Duration of the exhibition:
November 23, 2019 – January 18, 2020

The following event will take place in the gallery on December 3, 2019 at 7 pm.
»Bauhaus 100: Wie politisch war das BAUHAUS?«
With Ulrich Krempel and Ulrike Otto in conjunction with the “Forum für Politik und Kultur e.V.”

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