Bernard Ammerer

1978 born in Vienna
2001 Degree in law
2003 Studies painting at the Institut for Visual and Media Art under Wolfgang Herzig, University of applied arts, Vienna
2004 Participation at the Summer Academie of Visual Arts, Salzburg under Xenia Hausner
2005-2010 Studies painting at Institut for Visual and Media Art under Johanna Kandl, University for Applied Arts, Vienna
2007 Award Winner »Strabag Art Award International«
lives and works in Vienna

Solo Exhibitions (Selection)

2017 Galerie Frey, Vienna
2013 Galerie Frey, Salzburg
2012 Galerie Frey, Vienna
2009 Galerie Frey, Vienna
2008 Museum of Applied Arts,  Vienna
Artexpo, Museum of Contemporar Art, Bukarest (RO)
Galerie Frey, Vienna
2007 Strabag Artlounge, Vienna
2006 Galerie Frey, Vienna

Group Exhibitions (Selection)

2015 Galerie Frey, Vienna
2014 Galerie Robert Drees, Hanover
2012 Stadtgalerie Ternitz (AT)
Galerie Frey, Salzburg
2008 Galerie Frey, Vienna
2007 Award Winner Exhibition, Strabag Art Award, Strabag Artlounge, Vienna
Qingdao Art Museum, Qingdao (CN)
Galerie Frey, Vienna
2006 Kunsthalle Krems (AT)
MAK, Vienna
2005 Master class »Schmalix« at the Academy of visual Arts
Galerie Frey, Vienna
University for Applied Arts, Vienna
Hotel Kunsthof, Vienna
2004 Stadtgalerie Vienna, Vienna